paleo stuffed peppers recipe with butternut squash and ground beef

This was so good – Jeremy couldn’t get enough of it! The gentle hint of cinnamon and cardamom goes really well with the butternut squash, and the sweetness of the butternut squash and the bell peppers is fantastic with the ground beef.

I know this dish looks really fancy, but it’s actually very easy to make! It’s perfect as a well-rounded meal or as an appetizer. (I would serve 1 stuffed pepper per person for an appetizer, or 2 stuffed peppers per person for an entree.)

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paleo mustard celery ground beef recipe

This dish was so good I had to make it twice in the same day! It’s so easy and uses very common ingredients. The mustard works really well with the celery and ground beef to create a really flavorful and nutritious meal.

This is especially fantastic for whenever you’re short on time – it takes just 20 minutes from start to finish (prep time is really short because there’s so little to chop).

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paleo beef wellington (gluten-free, grain-free)
I’ve always been a big fan of Gordon Ramsay, and one of his signature dishes is Beef Wellington (a classic British dish – more about it below). I was therefore a bit sad that I couldn’t order it at his Las Vegas restaurant (it comes with a wheat-based puff pastry that is indispensable to the dish).

That of course doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy grain-free Paleo Beef Wellington at home!

What is a Beef Wellington?

Beef Wellington is a classic British dish comprising of a beef tenderloin smothered with pâté and duxelles, wrapped with puff pastry, and then baked.

The exact origins of the dish seem to be unknown (it’s appeared in cookbooks since around the 1940s and became popular during the 1960s), and while there are suggestions that it’s named after the Duke of Wellington or the Wellington Boot, there’s no concrete evidence supporting any of these claims.

There are lots of variations of the recipe, and I’ve created 2 Paleo variations: one with a Paleo (gluten-free) pastry and one without a pastry.

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Bison Pineapple Chili

Paleo Bison Pineapple Chili Recipe
I’m a fan of fruit in my chili (see my Raspberry Liver Chili Recipe), and so I decided to experiment a bit more with that theme for this recipe.

Have you tried Bison?

I can still recall the first time I tried bison. It was at Ted’s Montana Grill in New York City. This is one of Ted Turner’s companies, and its main focus is bison. I had no clue what bison was at the time, but I LOVED IT.
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Beef Bacon Acorn Squash Mash Bowl

paleo beef bacon tips acorn squash mash bowl recipe
Presenting food prettily has never been my forte. I think it stems from a belief that good food doesn’t need good presentation.

Of course, this belief is totally bogus! Some of the best restaurants in the world pay just as much attention to presentation as they do to the taste of the food. In fact my trip to Meadowood really showed me that amazing food deserves and is enhanced by amazing presentation.

Ways to Make Your Food Look Prettier

I’ve experimented with several methods of enhancing the prettiness of my food (I think it should be called food vanity):

  • buy pretty plates,
  • buy pretty place settings,
  • buy pretty cutlery,
  • decorate the plate with different garnishes.

I’m pretty bad at all of these methods, so I wanted to try a fifth method – making use of the natural beauty of the fruits and vegetables in the dish (to make the dish more colorful and to use them to hold the foods).

And so, for this amazingly delicious recipe, I used the acorn squash as both the food and the decoration. I really love the autumn colors in this dish (the dark green of the acorn squash skin, the dark yellow of the acorn squash flesh, the green of the collard greens, and the dark red of the beef bacon). In case you’re not familiar with beef bacon, there’s more on that next.
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paleo blueberry spicy pepper calf liver saute
Liver has never been top of my favorite foods list!

And it most definitely isn’t top of Jeremy’s list. But, it is one of the most nutrient-dense foods around, and we try to eat it when possible.

To help us eat it more frequently, I’ve been experimenting on making liver taste more delicious (i.e., less like liver!). I hope one day to appreciate the taste of liver by itself, but for now, masking the liver taste is crucial for us.

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Quick Paleo Ground Beef Stir-Fry

Quick Paleo Ground Beef Stir-fry
This is really a KEY RECIPE in your repertoire of Paleo recipes.

It’s fast, easy, cheap, and you can throw pretty much any vegetables into it!

I actually made this dish on vacation in Mexico with ingredients purchased from Walmart and cooked on a tiny electric stove – so yes, you can eat Paleo pretty much ANYWHERE!

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Paleo Snack - Sophia's Grass Fed Beef Jerky Chews
I get a lot of questions asking me for healthy snack recipes, and I have to admit, it’s often hard up with them, so I wanted to share with you this amazing “pre-packaged” snack that’s both healthy and delicious.

As Paleo and the real food movement grows, there are more and more food companies producing pre-packaged foods for us that’s supposedly healthier than the traditional chemical-laden junk we’re used to. But how do you tell what’s actually a good, healthy “pre-packaged” food and not just junk in disguise?

For me, Sophia’s Grass Fed Jerky Chews is as healthy and Paleo as it gets for something that comes in a bag – I actually found these around three years ago, and I can’t believe it’s taken this longer for me to write about it!

This is lightly flavored pure grass-fed beef without any sugar (disguised in any form, although if you want a bit of Paleo sugar in your jerky, then there’s a flavor for you), MSG, preservatives, or any other type of junk. Even purists cannot find fault with these!

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Red Wine Slow Cooker Simple Roast

paleo red wine slow cooker roast recipe
I LOVE slow cookers, and I think they’re a fantastic device to help us all stay Paleo even during busy periods (see the post on my 3-step process to staying Paleo here).

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Paleo Ropa Vieja Zucchini Boats

Paleo Ropa Vieja Zucchini Boats
This recipe was a huge hit with my family – you can substitute any type of squash for the zucchinis.

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Paleo quick fajitas

Do You Count Your Blessings?

A terrific friend gave me this amazing book: The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. The magic of the book is practicing being grateful for what you have and for the people in your life.

Most of us say “Thank You” when we receive something, but feeling true gratitude doesn’t always come naturally (I know it doesn’t for me!). And feeling true gratitude is what will allow us to open our hearts and minds to other great things.

And so, here I am on Day 1 of my Magic Practice:

Count Your Blessings.

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Paleo Beef Curry

Paleo Beef Curry

“My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people.”

~Orson Welles

This is one of my favorite quotes, and I decided to follow the good doctor’s advice by having an intimate dinner for four – yep, there were really three other people there!

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Paleo Mexican Tacos

Paleo Mexican Tacos
I feel like I’ve been on a Mexican kick since those fish tacos I cooked for Cinco de Mayo! So here’s another Mexican dish – beef tacos. You can eat them with lettuce wraps or they’re great to gobble down with a spoon!

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Raspberry Liver Chili

Paleo Raspberry Liver Chili

I’ve been making this chili forever now, and it’s about high time I shared it with everyone. I like to tweak the recipe a little each time I make it, and this is the raspberry liver variation. And the best part is that everything just goes into the crockpot, and 8 hours later it’s delicious! I like to make a large batch to eat for several days, but you can of course scale the recipe down (also make sure your crockpot can hold so much meat – I use this 6-quart one from Amazon).

Paleo Raspberry Liver Chili

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Vegged Up Paleo Beef Burgers

Paleo Beef Burgers
These burgers are tasty and full of flavor and a great way of eating more vegetables along with your meat. You can pan fry them in some coconut oil or else grill them.
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Slow Cooker Asian Pot Roast

Paleo Slow Cooker Asian Pot Roast Recipe
This is such a versatile pot roast! You can cook it and then freeze it for a few weeks so that it’s available whenever you’re out of food. It’s also great to use in random stir-fries with some vegetables or in a salad. My favorite use is to shred the meat and then to add it to the cauliflower rice (recipe here) when the “rice” is nearly done.

If you’re eating the pot roast by itself, it’s delicious when served cold (just keep it in the fridge and then use a sharp knife to carve off really thin slices – serve these slices with a drizzle of coconut aminos).

Additional tip: You can also add some root vegetables like carrots or asian radishes to the slow cooker to cook with the meat – it’ll create some really flavorful veggies.
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Marinated Grilled Flank Steak

Paleo Marinated Grilled Flank Steak
This is such a simple and delicious recipe and perfect for showing off your grilling skills without possessing any of those skills! It’s all in the marinade, and luckily, making the marinade just means dumping all the ingredients into a large bowl and stirring it. It’s also great because flank steak is such a cheap steak, so you can grill this all the time!

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Paleo Beef Tomato Stir-Fry Recipe
Lomo saltado is a traditional Peruvian recipe that has distinct Chinese flavors. This dish is often served over white rice and with French fries. I first tried it several years at a Peruvian restaurant in New York City, and I feel in love with it instantly! It was so flavorful but yet so simple.

Of course I had to go and recreate it at home! It’s a very simple dish (especially since I skip all the marinading that’s traditionally done), but there’s one trick to it – slice the beef thin.
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