Paleo Chicken Kiev Recipe

paleo chicken kiev recipe
I recall eating chicken kiev a lot growing up in England. Of course, it was the prepackaged kind that you stuck into the oven (definitely not Paleo chicken kievs!).

However, it never occurred to me that they were Ukrainian in origin (hence the name “kiev”). Although, according to Wikipedia, the Russians claim they invented it.

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paleo chicken nuggets recipe
As soon as Jeremy tasted these Paleo chicken nuggets, he looked up at me with a mouthful and said, “Wow, everyone is going to love this!”

It’s really easy, delicious, and perfect for kids (young or old!).

I made a baked version of this before (recipe here), but I really think my new Paleo chicken nuggets recipe below (shallow fried in ghee) is even better!
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Simple Paleo Egg Salad

simple paleo egg salad
This is a really simple egg salad you can make for a quick snack. I really enjoyed it as the filling for these bacon cups (recipe here)!

paleo bacon cups

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Paleo Thai Chicken and “Rice”

paleo recipe chicken and rice
This is a really easy Thai Chicken and “Rice” recipe – I was inspired to make it after eating Thai chicken and rice (non-Paleo) at Nong’s Khao Man Gai in Portland.

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Homemade Thai Chicken Soup

homemade paleo thai chicken soup
I love making chicken broth in the slow cooker (see my easy slow cooker chicken broth recipe here), and after having some amazing Thai Chicken and Rice with Chicken Soup in Portland, I had to go make a Paleo version to enjoy at home! It’s a simple process – place everything into the slow cooker and leave overnight.

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Spring soup with poached egg - paleo, gluten-free, dairy free
This is something I make all the time (for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), so I thought I would share it with everyone even though it’s not spring.

It’s so simple (3 ingredients) and has a really great clean feel – I love it.

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Crispy Indian Chicken Drumsticks

Paleo Indian Chicken Drumstick Recipes
I’ve been making this non-stop because it’s so easy, so flavorful, and so delicious!

There’s a quick video of this recipe here, and a printable version is below:

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Paleo chicken and apple sausages
I’m sure most of you already know and love Juli from PaleOMG - she’s freaking hilarious and has the most outrageously delicious recipes. And she was kind enough to let me share this chicken and apple sausage recipe with her readers.

This really makes a fantastic breakfast that you can make in advance and freeze!

Recipe here.

An Entire Paleo Meal - Cooking Planit T-Fal Cookware Giveaway

Cook An Entire Paleo Meal

It’s often easy to find a bunch of disparate recipes that all look good but totally don’t fit together and would be impossible to cook in one meal.

So, I thought it would be cool to showcase an ENTIRE PALEO MEAL!

All 3 recipes (the baked green beans, the baked sweet potato fries, and the Italian chicken bites) are from the Cooking Planit App, and you need to register for a free account at Cooking Planit in order to enter the cool Giveaway to win a 12 piece set of T-Fal cookware!
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Paleo Grilled Chicken Drumsticks with Garlic Marinade
This is a simple grilled meal – perfect now that the weather is warmer and the grill can be fired up again! 
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Paleo Coconut Chicken Tenders
I’ve been reading about Dr. Robert C. Baker, the inventor of the chicken nugget and a professor at Cornell University. Even though I had never considered the question of who invented chicken nuggets, my first answer would probably have been McDonald’s, just because it’s hard to think of a professor “inventing” something so commonplace. But I guess, it did have to be a scientist who would come up with reconstituted chicken meat!

Ok, enough about chicken slurry – I just thought those were “interesting” tidbits. This recipe uses whole chicken breasts (although you can also use chicken tenders, which is the meat close to the breast but that has a little white tendon attached to it). I’ve always found it easier to buy chicken breasts (which I keep frozen in my freezer for quick meals) and then to slice the the breasts into strips. And the “breading” for this recipe is really simple – just coconut flour with some spices.

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Coconut Chicken Curry

Paleo Coconut Chicken Curry
This curry was so amazing I could have kept eating it until my stomach burst – luckily for me this time, I didn’t make enough for that to happen, but I definitely finished off every last drop!

The inspiration for this recipe came from Tyler Florence’s Spicy Chicken Coconut Curry (but I changed up the ingredients and cooking method a bit and made it not spicy so that I could drink every last drop comfortably!).

And what’s surprising about this curry recipe is that it’s really easy to make (unlike real Indian curries, which can take practically a day)!

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Paleo Chicken Pepper Stir-fry
Sometimes there’s just no time to prepare an elaborate or even semi-elaborate meal!

It’s tiring to have to come up with creative recipes involving tons of exotic ingredients after a long day at work. So, I like to have a few quick and easy recipes up my sleeve for when I just want a quick but yet still delicious and nutritious dinner. This is one of those recipes…

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Chicken Breast with Olive Tapenade

Paleo Chicken Breast with Olive Tapenade
There are definitely a lot of days when I’m just too tired/depressed/fed-up to cook anything exciting. Often, I go with the salmon stew (recipe here) to save me during those desperate times. (I keep frozen salmon fillets in my freezer for this purpose actually!)

However, this chicken breast dish is fast becoming a go-to dish too on those days – it’s just so dang simple!
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Slow Cooker Paleo Jerk Chicken

Slow Cooker Paleo Jerk Chicken
The word, “jerk” originates from Spanish words meaning dried meat (hence the food beef jerky). So jerk chicken, which is a popular dish in Jamaica (see photo below), is made with a spicy, dry rub.

Although this dish is traditionally grilled, it’s actually much easier in the slow cooker! Just rub the spices on the chicken and cook away.
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Garlic Jalapeno Chicken Saute

Garlic Chicken Saute

Is that a FLIP-FLOP? And is that CHICKEN on it? Yes. And yes.

So,this post is about the chicken saute recipe (that’s on the plate), but first I just have to make so silly noises over the cute plate in the photo above! Yes, it is a plate in the shape of a flip-flop and not actually a flip flop! It was way too fun of a plate to place on my boring white counter-top, and so I photo-shopped (or rather Gimp’d) it onto a sandy beach photo. And yes, I’m grinning quite madly right now :) And yes, to celebrate, I danced a little delighted jig in the kitchen where no one could see me!

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paleo chicken and liver recipeI know liver is great in terms of nutritional value, but it’s not always the most appetizing of meats if you’re unused to it.  I actually grew up eating liver at home, and so I’m fine with that liver taste.  However, J really isn’t a big fan of the taste, and so I’m constantly trying to come up with new ways of putting liver in dishes where you taste it less.  This weekend marked the creation of the non-traditional chicken and liver dish.

As you can see from the photo above, the dish is so simple…so simple in fact, that there’s no need to even write a recipe for it!  It’s just shredded chicken meat from my slow cooker chicken broth recipe with some sliced boiled liver and coconut aminos (or soy sauce).  Ok, I admit you do have to cook both the chicken and the liver, but they’re both really easy dishes and you can make a bunch in advance and eat them for several days!   Here’s the slow cooker chicken photo to remind you of that dish again:

slow cooker chicken broth recipe

Oh, and we didn’t just eat the chicken and liver by itself.  We also shared a plate of feta and sauerkraut.  Simple.

feta and sauerkraut

Chicken Soup + Liver Slices

Ok, this post isn’t a recipe – it’s just a few quick photos showing you what deliciousness I ate tonight.  So, here is my slow-cooker chicken soup (recipe here – I added shredded chicken from the whole chicken that I used to make the chicken broth):

paleo chicken soup recipe using slowcooker

And to go with my chicken soup, here’s the liver I made (recipe along with full set of photos to be published in a forthcoming issue of Paleo Living Magazine for the iPad).

paleo liver recipe

Slow Cooker Bacon & Chicken


I had a bunch of uncooked bacon left over from when I made the avocado bacon explosion, and I wanted to use it in a dish that didn’t involve frying more bacon!  And so I turned to the slow cooker.  But what would it go well with in the slow cooker, I pondered…chicken!

I always find chicken breast rather dry (I wasn’t even all that impressed with the white meat of Thomas Keller’s Poulet Roti!), and so I thought the fat from the bacon would help moisten the chicken.  I was not wrong.  The bacon (and the olive oil) kept the chicken moist and flavorful!

This was one of the fastest dishes I have ever made – I dumped 5 raw chicken breasts, 10 slices of bacon (raw), 2 tablespoons of rosemary, 2 tablespoons of thyme, 1 tablespoon of oregano, 2 tablespoons of olive oil (I really like this olive oil), and 1 tablespoon of salt into the slow cooker (I use the Hamilton Beach slow cooker) and mixed everything together briefly, then set it to cook for 8 hours on low.  This was the result (after pouring out the liquid).


Then I shredded the meat and added a bit more olive oil.chicken-bacon-in-container

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I served it with a simple but refreshing cucumber salad (recipe here), which went really well with the shredded bacon & chicken.chicken-bacon-on-plate

Slow Cooker Bacon & Chicken


Yield: 4 servings

Slow Cooker Bacon & Chicken


  • 5 chicken breasts
  • 10 slices of bacon
  • 2 tablespoons thyme (dried)
  • 1 tablespoon oregano (dried)
  • 1 tablespoon rosemary (dried)
  • 5 tablespoons olive oil (2 tablespoons for the slow cooker and 3 tablespoons after cooking)
  • 1 tablespoon salt


  1. Place all the ingredients into a slow cooker pot and mix together.
  2. Cook on the low temperature setting for 8 hours.
  3. Shred the meat and mix with 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

I was at Butcher Bar a few days ago perusing their selection of grass fed beef when I spied some pasture-raised chicken on the top shelf.  It came to $12 for the chicken, but it’s worth it to know where the meat came from!chicken

I have to say that I find chicken really ugly!  Maybe it’s because I don’t cook whole chicken much or maybe I’m just too much of a city girl and seeing something resembling the real animal just freaks me out!

Anyway, I compartmentalized my apprehensions and got on with the cooking.  I placed the chicken in the slow cooker (I use the Hamilton Beach slow cooker) and filled up the slow cooker with water so that it covers the chicken.chicken_in_slow_cooker

Then I added in approx 2 tablespoon of salt, 1/2 tablespoon of black pepper, and 1/4 cup of goji berries (for a bit a sweetness in the broth).


Then left it in the slow cooker on a low setting for 5 hours.


The chicken was super tender and the broth very tasty (you can add more salt and pepper to taste or).  I shredded the meat and ate it with a bit of soy sauce, or you can use coconut aminos if you want to avoid every last bit of soy.  I then stored the chicken broth in the fridge to drink by itself or to use as the base in other soups later!  The broth is like a bone broth – you can tell because it thickens a lot when you cool it in the fridge (that’s the gelatin in the broth).  So you get nutritious and delicious bone broth along with chicken meat without hardly any effort!


Slow Cooker Paleo Chicken Broth


Slow Cooker Paleo Chicken Broth


  • 1 whole chicken
  • 2 tablespoons of salt
  • 1/2 tablespoons of black pepper
  • 1/4 cup of goji berries (optional)


  1. Place all the ingredients into the slow cooker.
  2. Add enough water to cover the chicken.
  3. Cook on low heat for 5 hours.
  4. Separate the broth from the chicken and goji berries. Let cool, and store the broth and the chicken meat separately.

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