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paleo cucumber ginger shrimp recipe
This is such an easy and quick recipe – perfect for dinner when you’re in a hurry!

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Paleo Chicken Kiev Recipe

paleo chicken kiev recipe
I recall eating chicken kiev a lot growing up in England. Of course, it was the prepackaged kind that you stuck into the oven (definitely not Paleo chicken kievs!).

However, it never occurred to me that they were Ukrainian in origin (hence the name “kiev”). Although, according to Wikipedia, the Russians claim they invented it.

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paleo chicken nuggets recipe
As soon as Jeremy tasted these Paleo chicken nuggets, he looked up at me with a mouthful and said, “Wow, everyone is going to love this!”

It’s really easy, delicious, and perfect for kids (young or old!).

I made a baked version of this before (recipe here), but I really think my new Paleo chicken nuggets recipe below (shallow fried in ghee) is even better!
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homemade paleo cajun seasoning
I love cooking with a ton of spices – it makes the food flavorful, more varied, and just amazingly delicious! So, with the ton of spices I had in my cupboard already, it only made sense that I would start making my own blends.

I made this Paleo Cajun Seasoning to go with the Popcorn Shrimp (recipe here).

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paleo gluten free popcorn shrimp recipe
Jeremy always talks about his childhood spent eating and drinking non-Paleo classics like chocolate milk, bologna sandwiches, cherry coke, and popcorn shrimp (things I thankfully missed out on growing up in England). But, I thought I’d bring back some of his childhood foods by recreating Paleo versions of them. The Paleo popcorn shrimp recipe turned out amazingly well (in fact, Jeremy thought it was probably better than what he remembered!).

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paleo lemon asparagus saute with bacon
This is another really fast and delicious side dish recipe!

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Simple Paleo Egg Salad

simple paleo egg salad
This is a really simple egg salad you can make for a quick snack. I really enjoyed it as the filling for these bacon cups (recipe here)!

paleo bacon cups

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Make Your Own Bacon Cups

paleo bacon cups
I had been wanting to make some bacon cups ever since one of my readers sent me a link to a company that sold some form of device for making bacon cups!

It’s a handy cup for filling up with simple salads, and it’s not only “cute” but also delicious!

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Zingy Salted Lime Soda

paleo salted lime soda

This is such a simple and refreshing drink – my dad loves it so much, he bought 10 limes all at once!

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Paleo Thai Chicken and “Rice”

paleo recipe chicken and rice
This is a really easy Thai Chicken and “Rice” recipe – I was inspired to make it after eating Thai chicken and rice (non-Paleo) at Nong’s Khao Man Gai in Portland.

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Homemade Thai Chicken Soup

homemade paleo thai chicken soup
I love making chicken broth in the slow cooker (see my easy slow cooker chicken broth recipe here), and after having some amazing Thai Chicken and Rice with Chicken Soup in Portland, I had to go make a Paleo version to enjoy at home! It’s a simple process – place everything into the slow cooker and leave overnight.

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Paleo Breakfast Porridge

paleo breakfast porridge recipe
This is a really versatile recipe – it can be a great breakfast option or a quick dessert/snack! And you can add as little (or none) or as much honey as you want.

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simple paleo coconut seafood soup recipe

I’m a big fan of soups, especially during the winter months. And the best thing about soups is that they’re really really easy to make and can be an entire meal!

This easy seafood soup is so nutritious and filling – it’s packed with vegetables, coconut milk, and your choice of seafood.

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5-Minute Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Pie
One of the best things about pumpkin puree is that it’s edible straight out of the can!

So, why slave for hours making dessert?

This pie is just 4 ingredients and can be made in just 5 minutes (less if you’re quick!).

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Simple Paleo Crumbled Fish Sauté

paleo fish saute
One of the things I love about fish (apart from its deliciousness) is just how fast it cooks!

And, as an extra bonus, fish defrosts quickly if you buy it frozen.

All of this adds up to a super fast meal!
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Paleo Fish Bake

paleo fish bake
My mum has cooked my entire life. She has also worked my entire life and was often at work late (she has a PhD in material science has worked for Oxford University as well as IBM in the past).

Despite her exhausting job, every night she would come home and cook an entire meal from scratch for me and my dad (he hates eating leftovers and loves to eat a ton of food). I think this made her amazingly good at cooking quick meals with whatever we had in the fridge.

This fish bake is a dish she’s been making recently – I love it because it’s an entire meal in one large casserole dish. You can double or triple the recipe easily depending on how many people you want to feed. And it takes just a few minutes to chop everything up – after that, you can put your feet up and relax.

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paleo chocolate coffee coconut dessert

No Cooking, Super Fast, Totally Delicious

This is one of my favorite desserts ever, and you can make it into any flavor you want – it doesn’t have to be coffee-flavored or chocolatey.

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Paleo Fish Curry

Paleo Fish Curry

I am sooo into curry right now!

They’re delicious, full of flavor, packed with nutrients, and so easy to make!

This fish curry has quickly become one of my all time favorites.
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Coconut Tuna Fish Cakes

Paleo Coconut Tuna Fish Cakes

“Only in New York City would you walk past a man on a unicycle without turning your head.”

New York has been my “home” for the past five and a half years. If you’ve never visited, then let me tell you that there are all sorts of things you will see in this city that just doesn’t happen elsewhere. From semi-naked guitarists in Times Square to Gossip Girls filming on Columbia campus to rats running through subway.

Those were things I used to find exciting slash seriously gross about NYC, but I’ve now realized that I don’t even turn my head to look. I’ve finally become a New Yorker!

I was actually on my way to pick up groceries to make these coconut tuna fish cakes when I walked by a unicyclist meandering down a residential street. Even though I was looking straight ahead at him, it never registered in my head that this was something odd. After all, what’s odd about a unicyclist when two men will fight in daylight over a parking spot (note all the pedestrians walking by in the background not seeing a thing).

I guess this was a long way to say that it’s time I left New York. There are many reasons why I’ve decided to leave in a few months, and this was just one of them. But regardless of where I am, the recipes shall continue!

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Paleo Fish Tacos
Cinco de Mayo was not something I had ever celebrated growing up…in fact, Mexican food was not something I had even come into contact with until I moved to California after college in England! Burritos and tacos were suddenly exciting oddities, and don’t get me started on mole sauce!

I grew to love Mexican food, especially fish tacos (I used to get them from Rubio’s all the time when I lived at the Paseo Colorado in Pasadena, CA). Sadly, I haven’t had fish tacos for a very long time! So, it only seemed fitting that I would make my own Paleo version of fish tacos this Cinco de Mayo.
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