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Paleo BBQ Ribs Recipe

paleo bbq ribs recipe
OMG these Paleo BBQ ribs were amazing and way faster and easier than any other I’ve ever made! It even got thumbs up from Jeremy’s mum (always happy to impress the in-laws!).

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paleo lemon asparagus saute with bacon
This is another really fast and delicious side dish recipe!

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Make Your Own Bacon Cups

paleo bacon cups
I had been wanting to make some bacon cups ever since one of my readers sent me a link to a company that sold some form of device for making bacon cups!

It’s a handy cup for filling up with simple salads, and it’s not only “cute” but also delicious!

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Braised Cardamom Cabbage and Pork

Paleo braised cardamom Cabbage and pork
I’ve found that cabbage and pork go really well together, and this dish combines those flavors along with the slightly tangy flavors of cardamom and apple. It’s a fantastic one pot meal (in fact, I often make double the recipe at the same time with 2 large saucepans)!

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Chinese paleo pork spare ribs recipe

This is a remarkably easy recipe, and it’s absolutely delicious! The recipe is my guest post on Ditch The Wheat and also features my 3 Little-Known Secrets for Cooking Authentic Chinese Meals (that are Paleo/Gluten-Free)!!

Check it out here:

paleo carrot bacon egg muffins recipe

I love this recipe – it’s really easy to make (and to scale up to make a double or triple batch), and it makes the perfect fast and easy breakfast or snack! I recently made 24 of these to take on a road trip to Las Vegas.

Also, if you’re interested in how to prevent your egg muffins from sticking to the tray, then click here for 3 tried and tested methods.

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Breakfast Sausage
Elana’s Pantry was actually one of the first Paleo blogs I recall reading. Elana Amsterdam already has several cookbooks under her belt, and she’s coming out with a new one (Paleo Cooking from Elana‚Äôs Pantry, which you can pre-order from Amazon) on June 18th!

And here’s one of the recipes from that cookbook (another one will be coming later this week):
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Paleo Mu Shu Pork

Paleo Mu shu Pork
Mu shu pork (also known as moo shu, moo shi, or mu xu) is a traditional northern Chinese dish typically served with little pancakes (especially in American-Chinese restaurants).

The traditional dish typically has wood ear mushrooms, eggs, some form of meat, bamboo shoots and day lily buds. The wood ear mushrooms and the day lily buds were a bit too hard for me to go and find (i.e., they weren’t in my local grocery store), and so I used shiitake mushrooms and napa cabbage as substitutes. Instead of the pancakes, I used lettuce leaves, although honestly, the dish tastes pretty damn good just by itself!

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Pan-Fried Pork Tenderloin

Paleo Pork Tenderloin

I’m vacationing in the beautiful and sun-filled (and fun-filled) country of Costa Rica right now but really wanted to share this pork tenderloin recipe with everyone!

I have never had great success with pork tenderloin before now…somehow it always seemed to end up dry and not very tasty. But I was inspired to try again by a recent meal my neighbor cooked for us and also by this video of Michael Mina showing Tim Ferriss how to cook pork tenderloin in a frying pan. Ok, so my pork doesn’t look quite as pretty as Michael Mina’s, but I’m not feeling too bad that my cooking isn’t quite up to Michelin-star chef standards!

This dish requires zero prep and uses very very few ingredients. So, how do you cook delicious pork in a frying pan?

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Paleo Pineapple Pork Recipe

Paleo Pineapple Pork
It was so easy to make the slow-cooker pork recipe I posted earlier that I went and made 4 lbs of it! Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately), this meant that I had a ton of leftovers.

While the pork is quite delicious to eat straight out of the slow cooker or dipped in some coconut aminos and Paleo Chinese chili sauce (click for recipe), I wanted some other options for taking down this 4 lbs of PIGliciousness!
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Slow Cooker Pork

Paleo Slow Cooker Pork
I had gone out grocery shopping only to return to this amazing smell in my apartment. I was wondering who was cooking on my floor and whether the aroma was flowing through my vent system when it hit me that it was MY PORK! I had put it into the slowcooker earlier in the morning, and completely forgotten about it. Of course, that’s the beauty of the slow cooker – you can totally just forget all about it!

As with all my slow cooker recipes, this one is pretty dang simple!
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Paleo Bacon Wrapped Dates Recipe
I have no idea who originally came up with this absolutely fabulous concoction, but she/he must have been a genius! I first had bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates at Traif in Brooklyn, NY, and I have been in love with them ever since.

If you’ve never tried these, then you are seriously missing out. I love serving them at dinners as a passed appetizer – everyone always loves them. But sometimes, I make them just for myself as a treat.
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