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tender greens paleo restaurant los angeles
As soon as I landed in LA, my friend drove me to Tender Greens for lunch. It was one of her favorite places and soon became one of mine too. It’s a low-key fast, but high quality, food restaurant that offers some great Paleo-friendly options. There are multiple locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and the Bay Area!

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barrymore restaurant las vegas paleo

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gordon ramsay london los angeles restaurant review paleo
This is sadly my least favorite Gordon Ramsay restaurant (I’ve enjoyed many of his other restaurants). Although I enjoyed the chic decor and the prompt service, the steak came overcooked and dry, and the appetizer and sides were just mediocre.

gordon ramsay at the london west hollywood los angeles california restaurant review paleo

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javier restaurant aria las vegas paleo
It was a bit tough finding a Paleo option at Javier’s (many options had corn or cheese or else wheat), but we managed with a nice bone-in ribeye steak before heading out quickly to our show.

(The restaurant is inside of the beautiful Aria hotel/casino, pictured below.)
aria hotel casino las vegas
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honey salt restaurant review las vegas paleo
Meeting up with Ben Morgan (from is always fun, and so we couldn’t leave Las Vegas without catching up over dinner. Ben picked this fantastic place off the Las Vegas strip (Honey Salt).

honey salt las vegas paleo restaurant
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gordon ramsey steak las vegas restaurants paleo
This is my favorite Gordon Ramsay restaurant so far! I’ve been twice now in the past 6 months, and I’ve loved it both times. In particular, the American Wagyu/Kobe Rib Cap was stunning. By far the best steak I’ve had in the US!

gordon ramsay steak las vegas restaurant review paleo
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paleo traveling frankfurt germany airport
Traveling is always tough when you’re on any type of diet, and long flights with layovers are the worst! I recently flew from San Francisco to Mumbai with a layover in Frankfurt (so that was an 11 hour flight followed by an 8 hour flight with around 3 hours to kill in Frankfurt airport).

I had stocked up on snacks for the long plane ride before I left San Francisco, but I was also surprised by the Paleo options at Frankfurt International Airport.

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bottega louie los angeles restaurant
This is a very trendy bakery/restaurant in Downtown LA. Unfortunately, the best food here isn’t particularly Paleo-friendly (they’re known for their macaroons and pizza!), but there are still some good Paleo options available. What I loved the most about this restaurant was the beautiful modern space and open kitchen.

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lakeside restaurant portland radisson hotel
I woke up on Sunday morning in Portland to a weather advisory – there was a lot of ice on the roads, and they were advising everyone to stay indoors. After some debate, we decided to heed the advisory and had lunch at our hotel instead.

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eating out paleo restaurant food cart cultured caveman portland oregon pdx
No trip to Portland would be complete without a stop (or two, or three…) at Cultured Caveman!

This is an all-Paleo food cart opened by Heather and Joe (we only got to meet Heather, but she was amazing to talk to – in fact, she was so amazing that we stood in the sleet for 30 minutes chatting with her!!).

One of the best things about Cultured Caveman is that you don’t have to worry about any of the ingredients – you can eat everything off the menu (and we did just that!). Their ingredients are top notch – grass fed beef and paleo oils (like tallow, olive oil, coconut oil) – and the food is delicious (my favorite was the Ethiopian Cabbage). And they even have tasty bone broth!!

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sutro's san francisco paleo restaurant review
It’s worth eating at Sutro’s at the Cliff House just for the view alone! It’s absolutely stunning – the restaurant has flour to ceiling windows facing the ocean on the tip of San Francisco. So, pick a reservation time before it gets dark – lunch or just before sunset are fantastic.

We got there just before sunset and managed to snap some amazing photos before going in to eat (the food was good too, and there are plenty of photos of the food below!).
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olympic provisions paleo restaurant portland oregon
As we pulled up to the industrial looking building that houses Olympic Provisions (the Southeast location), it suddenly struck me that we had eaten here on our last trip to Portland a few years ago! Apparently, our unconscious navigated us here again to enjoy another delicious lunch. Last time, it was a beautiful day in the middle of summer, this time it was in the midst of a snow storm!

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eating out paleo restaurant ox portland oregon
I picked a bad weekend to visit Portland…it’s been snowing the whole time, and it’s forecast to continue until we leave! Luckily, that hasn’t deterred us from eating at some amazing Portland restaurants.

Here’s the view of Portland in the snow from the plane.
portland in snow

We started at Olympic Provisions (which we ate at on our last trip to Portland) for brunch, and that’s reviewed here, and then went to Ox for dinner. (We went to Cultured Caveman twice the next day – click here for review and photos.)

For those of you from Portland, you’re probably already familiar with Ox since it won the Oregonian’s 2013 Restaurant of the Year award. And for those unfamiliar with the place, it’s a cosy upscale dinning experience that wows with flavor, freshness, and creativity. Their website calls it “Argentinian inspired Portland Food.” I think it’s just plain yumminess!
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Wicked Spoon Buffet, Las Vegas, NV - Paleo Restaurant Review

So Many Vegas Buffets

I’ve always loved buffets in Las Vegas, and I’ve been to most of the major ones over the past 7 years (many of them multiple times).

I remember loving the crab legs initially, and I would scout out the seafood buffets (like the Rio buffet back in the days when it was famous for its seafood).

Then, when the Wynn’s high-end buffet opened, it was like getting a super-charge of relatively high-class food all in one sitting. And for about a year, I would make a trip to the Wynn buffet every trip!

However, for the past few years, my taste for buffets has died down a bit (I tried the Bacchanal buffet at Caesar’s palace last September, and it was good but not amazing). That is, until I tried Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan Hotel this past trip.

I loved it so much we went twice on consecutive nights! There was just a great selection of Paleo options – from bone marrow to prime rib to house-cured bacon to freshly grilled salmon to kale salads and sauteed Brussels sprouts. And most importantly, everything was amazingly delicious.

The Amazing Food at Wicked Spoon

Click to see the food photos!

paleo restaurant las vegas burgr
Every single famous chef is in Vegas!

Actually, Gordon Ramsay is so famous he has 3 restaurants in Vegas now – BurGR at Planet Hollywood (a sit-down burger joint with a really “hot” gas flame decor), Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris casino (an upscale steak house with Gordon as the head chef – the steak I had there was crazy good!), and a Pub & Grill at Caesar’s Palace (his only restaurant in the US (outside of the ones in LA) that I haven’t been to yet – somehow I was just wasn’t that thrilled to get an “authentic English pub experience” having grown up in England!).

Is BurGR Paleo?

As with most burger restaurants, you can get the burger without the bun easily. It does mean you don’t get quite as much food, but you can always get 2 burgers if you need to (I sort of wanted 3 that night!).

My Farm Burger with Duck Bacon at BurGR

I ordered the farm burger (duck breast bacon, English sharp cheddar (not very Paleo) and fried egg). I had a lettuce wrap instead of the bun. It was superb – the duck breast bacon really added a lot of flavor. As with any good bacon, you can taste the flavors in the meat and not just the salt they added in!

Jeremy ordered the Britannia burger (English sharp cheddar, mango chutney, and arugula) in a lettuce wrap. It was 1 am at this point, so I let the photo-taking urge subside. But, he felt that there could have been a bit more mango chutney.

Overall, a nice burger joint that was open late (2am on Fridays and Saturdays and midnight on other days). Definitely some classy Ramsay takes on traditional burgers.

eating out paleo restaurants napa farmstead farm to table food

If you’re looking for farm-to-table dining, then this is it. Long Meadow Ranch has a 650-acre ranch that produces their restaurant’s (the restaurant is called Farmstead) grass-fed beef, eggs, and heirloom fruits and vegetables.

And you can really taste the difference in freshness when your food isn’t travelling half-way around the globe!
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eating out paleo restaurants california napa meadowood review

How Great Food Can Inspire and Will Keep on Giving

I was already a bit apprehensive when we started the long drive to Napa. Making a reservation at Meadowood had been one of those spur-of-the-moment you-only-live-once sort of decisions when you hand over your credit card, close your eyes, and hope everything turns out ok.

I was hoping to be wow’d but deep down, I was already prepared for disappointment. I’d eaten at some of the top restaurants in the country already (including four 3-michelin star ones and some crazy-cheap but amazing hole-in-the-walls). So how could Meadowood deliver me an awesome experience to make it worth the hefty price-tag?

When we arrived grumpy at having sat for 2 hours in traffic, they completely brushed aside the fact that we were almost half an hour late and instead seated us immediately. The dinner had been in celebration of my birthday (which we had told them), and the director of the restaurant greeted us with this personalized card.

meadowood restaurant review

I was touched, but really, the true inspirations came with the food (you can see the full menu below).

The Aftermath

It’s hard to describe how ingenious combinations of fresh and local ingredients can change my life, but it did.

I was so moved, I stopped by Whole Foods on my drive home and bought some fresh carrots to marinade in champagne. LOL

Then I proceeded to sign up for the Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science course offered by Harvard on EDX. I know, I’m a geek, but the experience left me with a huge thirst for more. More flavors, More experiments, More creations, More knowledge about my food.

Most restaurant meals typically leave me with only a passion for napping. Meadowood left me with a passion for life!
See Menu

paleo restaurant eating out bouchon bistro las vegas
I’ve been a long-time fan of all of Thomas Keller’s restaurants (he’s most known for The French Laundry, often called the best restaurant in the US, and the popular/very-non-paleo Bouchon Bakery).

This was about my 5th or 6th time at Bouchon Bistro in Las Vegas, and I still rave about it. So why do I always keep going back?

Have you ever heard of Europeans (especially French and Italians) talk about a great little restaurant in their neighborhood serving hearty traditional foods that they pop into for dinner all the time? That’s how I think of Bouchon Bistro even though it’s not in Europe (although the food is French) nor in my neighborhood! It’s just I know I will always like the food, and it won’t break the bank.

Is Bouchon Bistro Paleo?

To me, pretty much all French cuisine is Paleo! Fine, there’s a bit of bread here and there, but overall, it’s very Paleo. For instance, traditional French cuisine places a huge emphasis on nutrient-dense foods (think organ meats, red meats, and seafood) cooked in good fats (think clarified butter and duck fat).
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eating out paleo restaurants all spice san mateo califiornia
I’ve always loved Indian spices and Indian cuisine (even if it is British Indian food like Chicken Tikka Masala), so when I heard about All Spice, I had to go try it!

It’s a Californian restaurant with an Indian flair, and it has a Michelin star!
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atlanta georgia paleo restaurant serpas

Set in a Brooklyn-esque industrial complex, I at first thought Serpas was going to a pretentious and not-all-that-great restaurant. My views quickly shifted as soon as the appetizers came!

atlanta paleo restaurant serpas
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