Paleo Travel Snacks and Paleo Options at Frankfurt International Airport

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paleo traveling frankfurt germany airport
Traveling is always tough when you’re on any type of diet, and long flights with layovers are the worst! I recently flew from San Francisco to Mumbai with a layover in Frankfurt (so that was an 11 hour flight followed by an 8 hour flight with around 3 hours to kill in Frankfurt airport).

I had stocked up on snacks for the long plane ride before I left San Francisco, but I was also surprised by the Paleo options at Frankfurt International Airport.

Paleo Food for Plane Ride

sprouted nuts paleo traveling snack
Here’s a list of some of the snacks I like to take with me on long flights/roadtrips:

  • Nuts (sprouted)
  • Beef jerky (like these)
  • Boiled eggs
  • Ghee or coconut oil in condiment cups so that they don’t violate the 3oz liquid rule – you can mix them into coffee or tea or spread them on dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate (especially 100% ones like Tcho)
  • Sliced salami and deli meat (although these don’t often keep that long)
  • Kale chips
  • Coconut butter
  • Epic bars

Paleo Food at Frankfurt Airport

After we landed at Frankfurt Airport (and walking through what seemed like miles of corridors), I treated myself to a nice German breakfast of Wurst and Kartoffelsalat (I even managed to order it in German!).
wurst and kartoffelsalat paleo frankfurt germany airport food

And then I spent some time perusing the shops…especially Caviar House, which had an amazing selection of caviar, smoked salmon, sausages, pâté, and even salami pretzels!
frankfurt airport salami pretzels

wurst sausages caviar house frankfurt airport germany

smoked salmon caviar house frankfurt airport germany

pate caviar house frankfurt airport germany

Since I was already pretty well stocked for the next flight, I opted for a bar of the Coppeneur 100% Ecuador chocolate instead. Although it was quite good, overall, I still prefer the Tcho 100% (which they call the 99%).
coppeneur 100% ecuador chocolate

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